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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 6, Pages: 442-448

Original Article

Mediating Role of Customer Relationship Management between Buying Behavior and Critical Risk Factors via Digital Buying

Received Date:07 January 2023, Accepted Date:14 January 2023, Published Date:15 February 2023


Purpose: To examine the mediating effect of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) amid Digital Buying Behaviour (DBB) and Risk Factors (RF). Methods: The structured questionnaire was adopted to analyse critical factors of DBB, RF and CRM. The instrument was designed and validated with the help of exploratory factor analysis and confirmed the items by confirmatory factor analysis. The model fitness is verified. The reliability of the scale was tested along with CR. The field testing is done to remove ambiguity. The nativity changes were incorporated to align the current study. The responses were collected using convenience sampling method through the e-mail survey and 410 valid responses (digital consumers) considered. The data were collected during August – November 2022. Quantitative approach is used to examine both directions of the considered variables. First, the direct effect of DBB on RF is examined. Secondly, the direct effect of CRM is studied. Further, mediating effect of CRM in relationship amid DBB and RF is established. Findings: The DBB is significant and directly connected with RF (b = 0.952, p < .001), CRM is significant and positively allied with RF (b = 0.471, p < .001). DBB is significant and positively related to CRM (b = 0.779, p < 0.001), after removal of mediating variable (CRM), b weight of DBB is reduced from 0.952 to 0.703. Sobel test is steered to confirm the significance of the mediation effect of CRM, test statistic (z= 3.09, p <.001). Thus, CRM act as a partial mediator amid DBB and RF. Novelty: The present study integrates DBB, RF and CRM features associated in digital buying in solitary manner unlike sliced approach. The study of CRM role especially in digital buying is a uniqueness of the present research. Further, studying the partial mediating effect of CRM amid DBB and RF itself is a new attempt.

Keywords: Digital Buying Behaviour (DBB); Risk Factors (RF); Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Mediating Effect; Confirmatory Factors Analysis; Sobel Test


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