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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 3, Pages: 1-5

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Microstrip Patch Antenna towards Future of Communication


Objective: The aim of the design will be an antenna with higher gain and low return loss. The antenna is required to operate at 11 GHz. At this frequency there is special satellite communication such as DTH. In future large dish operating at above said frequency may get replaced by a small patch antenna (array). Method: To do this single patch design will not be helpful. Instead of this, array of patches will be required. The array can be of linear type or rectangular type. The best optimum design is to be selected. First a single antenna was prepared and optimized for the highest possible gain and resonating at desired frequency. The same was appended with array of different configurations in order to achieve the goal. Findings: Array design of linear type and rectangular type is proposed in this study. The antenna made is simulated for a wider range of frequencies from 8 GHz to 14 GHz. The antenna was found to resonate at 11 GHz and there is a considerable increase in gain also if the numbers of elements are increased. In this study the dimension of the antenna is diminished in comparison of the conventional one as the existing length and breadth of the substrate is modified and is shown lower section. Along with this in a particular design combination of series feed and corporate feed is shown which in turns improves the impedance matching of the antenna. This helps in better current distribution over all the patches. Application/Improvement: The proposed and designed antenna can be used for communication purpose in X band and further if the gain is improved to meet the gain characteristics of dish antenna (X band) then it can be seen as a replacement of existing dish also.

Keywords: Array Antenna, Linear Array, Microstrip Patch Antenna (MPA), Rectangular Array, Return Loss


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