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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 48, Pages: 3525-3536

Original Article

Mixed Convection of Williamson Fluid along an Inclined Porous Microchannel with Chemical Reaction by taking Non-Constant Thermal Conductivity: An Entropy Analysis

Received Date:06 November 2021, Accepted Date:04 December 2021, Published Date:28 December 2021


Objective: Mixed convection of Williamson fluid along an inclined porous microchannel with the influence of first-order chemical reaction is considered. The thermal conductivity kept varying throughout the flow. Boundaries of the channel are maintained with slip and jump conditions. With these conditions in this present article we are aimed to analyse the velocity, heat transfer and entropy generation in the flow. Method: The non-linear equations which govern the flow are tackled utilizing the bvp4c technique which involves the finite difference method and improved by using the Lobatto III formula. Findings: Fluid flow, heat transfer and entropy production analysis are done for the various estimations of the parameters which are affecting the flow, and the study highlights that non constant thermal conductivity and mixed convection parameters have to be maintained at lower values for the efficient energy transfer in the model. Entropy production shows the dual trend for distinct estimations of Weinsenberg number. Applications: The obtained result in the present study helps industries to analyse the efficient energy transfer in their engineering designs and thermal equipment’s. Also the flow of non- Newtonian fluid has applications in the field of blood flow, lubrication and in many engineering devices such as micro heat exchangers, micro mixers, micro cooling systems.

Keywords: Williamson fluid; Inclined microchannel; Variable thermal conductivity; Entropy production; Bejan number


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