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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2012, Volume: 5, Issue: 7, Pages: 1-5

Original Article

Novel microstrip patch antenna to use in 2×2 sub arrays for DBS reception


Antennas for direct broadcast satellite (DBS) reception often consist of a parabolic reflector and a LNB are realized in different technologies (the feed in hollow waveguide technology and the signal-processing unit in planar waveguide technology) and are very heavy and bulky. Recently, to solve above problems, microstrip array antennas have been designed and developed for DBS reception. For this purpose, the design of microstrip array antenna has to be done in frequency range from 10.75 GHZ to 12.75 GHZ, simultaneous reception of horizontally and vertically polarized waves, with return loss less than -10 dB (VSWR<2) and gain more than 30 dB. In this paper, at first a 16×16 microstrip array has been designed with 31 dB gain and 250 MHZ bandwidth using 2× 2 Sub arrays. Secondly, Improved 2×2 Sub array has been proposed to use in array lead to enhancement in DBS antenna bandwidth until 10%. Finally, novel microstirp patch antenna has proposed to use in 2× 2 Sub array with 12% bandwidth that cover all DBS frequency range from 10.75 GHZ to 12.75 GHZ. Significance of this work lies in greater gain and VSWR bandwidth than those reported in the literatures and simultaneously reception of vertically and horizontally polarization while previous works didn't have such specification simultaneously. Therefore, this antenna is proposed to develop of microstrip array for DBS reception.
Keywords: Antenna, DBS, PBG, Microstrip Array


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