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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 13, Pages: 1081-1096

Original Article

Numerical investigation of free convection through a horizontal open-ended axisymmetric cavity

Received Date:18 December 2020, Accepted Date:03 March 2021, Published Date:24 April 2021


Objectives: The purposes of this work are to investigate the free convective heat transfer in an axis-symmetric open-ended cavity heated from below and to propose useful correlations of Nusselt number. Methods: The governing equations that model the fluid flow and the temperature field are solved using a control volume-based finite differences method. Under steady state condition, the natural convective flow is considered to be laminar, incompressible and axisymmetric. The Boussinesq approximation with constant thermophysical properties is adopted. Numerical experimentations are performed to deduce the optimum sizes of the calculation domain and the mesh grid. Findings: the obtained results indicate that when Rayleigh number (Ra) and aspect ratio (A) are low the heat transfer is weak and mainly conductive. The increase of Ra and A enhances the convective heat transfer mode thereby the heat transfer is ameliorated. Unlike the Rayleigh Bénard convection, the transition from conduction to convection produces at critical value of Rayleigh number (Rac) that is variable dependent on A. Novelty: To the best of authors knowledge, the formula of (Rac) elaborated in this work for the studied cavity is the first attempt. As well, correlation of Nusselt numbers (Nu) for the cold upper plate in terms of Ra and A is performed. Comparisons between Nu at the lower plate given in previous work and Nusselt number at the upper plate is conducted.

Keywords: free convection; circular plates; Nusselt number correlations; open ended cavity; critical Rayleigh number


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