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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 10, Pages: 707-716

Original Article

On Entropy Measures of Thiophene Dendrimers Using Degree Based Structural Descriptors

Received Date:12 November 2022, Accepted Date:25 January 2023, Published Date:09 March 2023


Objectives: This study evaluates various degree-based topological indices and corresponding entropy measures of thiophene dendrimers. Methods: We begin by implementing the traditional edge partition method for estimating the structural correlation of two variations of thiophene dendrimers before focusing about graph entropy measurements, using Shannon’s entropy model. Findings: Various degree based molecular descriptors of two variations of thiophene dendrimers and their corresponding entropies have been obtained. In addition, a comparative analysis of these descriptors have also been carried out. Novelty: The concept of investigating a structure as the result of arbitrary communication is the key innovative notion. This insight allowed Shannon’s entropy estimates to be utilized for calculating the structural information content of a chemical compound. Due to the wide range of applications, thiophene dendrimers stand out in the field of organic electronics. As a result, these evaluations can be used for exploring the data required for conducting experiments using this dendrimer family.

Keywords: Dendrimers; Thiophene dendrimers; Degree based Topological Indices; Entropy measures


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