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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2011, Volume: 4, Issue: 11, Pages: 1429-1433

Original Article

Evaluation of image quality and patient dose in conventional radiography examinations in radiology centers in Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran and comparing with that of international guidelines levels


The major means of exposure to man-made sources of radiation is due to diagnostic examinations with X-ray. In the current research, for making practical the programs of reducing the patient’s absorbed dose and increasing the quality of radiographic images in Sistan and Baluchestan hospitals, the patients surface dose and image quality were evaluated. In the first stage of experiment, the image quality and the cause of low quality of images was evaluated for a period of one month, and the patient dose for 10 adults in 7 projection were calculated in this study. Then the quality control tests were conducted to determine the equipment failures and provide appropriate corrective actions. Subsequently in the second stage of study, the image quality and patients dose were compared with the first stage of experimental data. The ESAK mean for all the centers, before and after implementing the quality control program was achieved as 0.48±0.30 and 0.37±0.20 for chest (anterior-posterior), 3.4±1.67 and 3.13±1.25 for lumbar spine (anteriorposterior), 8.81±7.72 and 7.56 ±5.99 for lumbar spine (lateral), 3.56±1.85 and 3.34±1.74 for the abdomen (anteriorposterior), 2.79±1.40 and 2.71 ±1.24 for pelvis (anterior-posterior), 2.27±1.43 and 2.1±1.25 for the skull (anteriorposterior) and 1.50±0.87 and 1.43±0.76 for the skull (lateral), respectively.(the data are based on mGy). The radiographic images quality was also increased between 0 to 10% after implementing quality control program. Results obtained show that a quality control program to reduce patient dose and increase radiographic image quality is necessary to ensure that all radiological examinations are performed under the terms of less received dose for the patients and the received images have good quality.
Keywords: Radiology, Radiography, X-ray, ESAK, patient dose, quality control, Hospital, Sistan and Baluchestan


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