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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: Special Issue 1, Pages: 1-4

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On the Suitability of Phase Change Material (PCM) for Thermal Management of Electronic Components


Objectives: To review the suitability of Phase Change Material (PCM) for the thermal management of electronic components. Methods/analysis: Day by day, physical world has been changing to digital world by involving electronic components such as computers, digital meters, smart phones, high sensitive sensors, high precision devices etc. One of the important issues pertaining to smooth running of electronic components is their thermal management. Electronic components generate heat during operation and this heat has to be driven out to safeguard the equipment. Researchers have proposed various methods such as heat sinks, nano-fluids, micro-channels etc to reduce and dissipate heat from the components. The requirement for the usage of miniaturization of electronic components has further increased the complexity to effectively dissipate the heat from the confined space of these electronic components. Various techniques provide their own set of benefits and trade-offs for thermal management of electronics to reduce operating temperatures, dissipate excess heat and long-term reliability. The present study aims to address the usage of PCMs with their advantages and disadvantages for the thermal management of electronic components. Findings: PCM based heat sinks can be an alternative technique for effective dissipation of heat and maintain safer temperature range for the electronic devices. Novelty/improvement: The study provides an insight about the applicability of PCM especially for the thermal management of electronic components such as computer processors, IC boards etc. to maintain with in maximum allowable temperature range. Based on the study it can be suggested that the usage of PCM can satisfy the present demand of cooling system.
Keywords: Electronic Components, Heat Dissipation, Heat Sink, Phase Change Materials, Thermal Management


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