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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2020, Volume: 13, Issue: 35, Pages: 3642-3651

Original Article

On the vector plasma drift measurements over Equatorial Ionosphere using HF Doppler radar – A brief review

Received Date:21 July 2020, Accepted Date:14 September 2020, Published Date:03 October 2020


Background/ Objective: University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram ( 8.5◦N ,77◦E, dip 0.5◦N ) in India had a lively Space Physics research group since 1982, owing to proximity of the location to the geomagnetic dip equator. In 1982, a single frequency HF Doppler radar, operational at 5.5 MHz was installed in the University which provided many invaluable scientific results regarding the night time ionospheric F region. In 2003, it was upgraded to a new multifrequency HF Doppler Radar thereby enabling detailed examination of vertical plasma drift measurements at three different altitudes of F-region, in a nearsimultaneous manner. Methods: This study is basically a brief review of major results of F –region electrodynamics over Indian longitudinal sector obtained exclusively using HF Radar data. Findings: This review brings all the scientific results obtained using HF Radar about vertical drift studies over equatorial latitude and found that nearly about 40 research papers have been published in reputed national and international journals using the Radar data. Novelty: In a complementary point of view, this gives an opportunity to revisit and remember the important contributions of many of the earlier Indian scientists, who enriched ionospheric science using this unique facility.

Keywords: HF Doppler Radar; Ionosphere; Vertical drift


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