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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2017, Volume: 10, Issue: 12, Pages: 1-15

Original Article

One Dimensional Transient State Finite Element Model to Study Thermal Variations due to Transient Vasoconstriction followed by Persistent Vasodilation during Inflammation in Surgical Wound of Peripheral Tissues of Human Limb


Objectives: This paper compares theoretically the thermal variations in normal tissues, clean surgical wound and contaminated surgical wound in peripheral tissues of human arm and leg during inflammatory phase of healing. Methods/ Statistical Analysis: One dimensional finite element model is developed using Bio-heat equation.Values of arterial blood temperature, core body temperature and heat transfer coefficient have been revised. During inflammation blood perfusion rate and metabolic heat generation rate are considered linearly dependent on temperature and spatial coordinate, and exponentially dependent on time.The effect of vasodilation and effect of rate at which vascular changes occur, on temperature profiles,is investigated by varying value of linear coefficient of temperature dependence and coefficient of time variable respectively. Findings: A computer programme in MATLAB is developed to simulate the results. Skin surface temperature in normal tissue are simulated and validated from published experimental data. Maximum blood perfusion rate at maximum vasodilation calculated theoretically is validated with the published experimental data. Temperature difference in contaminated wound and normal tissue are simulated and validated with the published experimental data. Improvements/Applications: Normal skin temperature and thermal variations during vasodilation are modelled well by revising the values of parameters mentioned above and considering temperature dependent parameters.This information may be useful to biomedical scientists in development of treatment regimen for surgical wounds.

Keywords: Finite Element Technique ,Non-linear Partial Differential Equation,, Temperature Dependent Blood Perfusion Rate, Temperature Dependent Metabolic Heat Generation Rate, Thermal Variations in Peripheral Tissues of Human Limb, Vasodilation


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