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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 16, Pages: 1-18

Original Article

Optimization of a Modified Rectangular Patch Antenna Array for X-band Applications


Objectives: To optimize the dimensions of Conventional Rectangular Patch Antenna using ant lion optimization and to design the 2 × 2 patch antenna array with the optimized modified rectangular patch antenna. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Analysis is done in the form of curve fitting equations and objective functions regarding the relations between performance and dimensional parameters of the patch antenna. In this work, length of the patch, width of matching line, height of the substrate and length of the ground plane are analyzed to achieve the desired performance characteristics of the patch antenna. Further, corporate feed method is used to design the different configurations of patch antenna array. Findings: An optimized rectangular patch antenna is designed by using ant lion optimization technique to achieve the required resonant frequency, S11 (dB), bandwidth and gain. Further, optimized design is transformed into modified rectangular patch, 1 × 2 array and 2 × 2 array to enhance the gain and required radiation pattern. The gain and bandwidth of the Modified Rectangular Patch Antenna array is 3.6 dBi and 718 MHz respectively, which shows improvement over the conventional design. Similarly 1 × 2 patch antenna array resonates at two frequencies which are 8.2 GHz and 9.6 GHz with a maximum gain of 8.1 dBi. The final design operates at 8 GHz (X-band) with a bandwidth of 1.65 GHz and a gain of 5.2 dBi. Also, the radiation pattern of the proposed 2 × 2 array consists of two major lobes adjacent to the null on broadside direction. Application/Improvements: The gain as well as bandwidth in the MRPA is improved by 20% and 10% respectively. The fractional bandwidth of the proposed 2 × 2 array is found to be 21.25%. The design covers spectrum of 8.025-8.40 GHz used for earth exploration satellite communication.  

Keywords: Antenna Array, Ant Lion Optimization, Bandwidth, Gain


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