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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 29, Pages: 1-6

Review Article

Organic Potato Product for Baby Foods and Dietetic Food


The article indicates the relevance of producing organic potato, primarily for children who need special protection from damage caused by pesticides, nitrates and Heavy Metals (HM), as well as for medical nutritional therapy of people suffering from chronic diseases. We have identified tasks and purposes for studying the dynamics and intensity of pesticide accumulation in the potato tubers; revealing the effectiveness of biological insecticides; determining heavy metal contamination level of products near anthropogenic area – the M-4 ‘Don’ federal highway; revealing nitrate accumulation in the tubers at different fertilizer doses; determining duration of various hazardous components accumulated in potato tubers and giving production recommendations for safety interval between pesticide application and harvesting operations. Field experiments were conducted at Educational and Experimental Farm of Bunin Elets State University. Chemical insecticide Actara and biological agents Fitoverm, Acarin, Bitoxybacillin were used for pest control. Antifungals (fungus killers) Profit Gold (TANOS) and Ridomil Gold and herbicides (weed killers) Sencor and Rimus were also applied. Sencor and Rimus remained in potato tubers longer, for 55 and 66 days after processing, respectively. Nitrate threshold limit value (80 mg/ kg) was not exceeded in the experiments with NPK composition options: N30-60P60-90K30-60. Accumulation of heavy metals in tubers increased at a distance of 50m from the highway, but did not exceed TLV. At 100 meters away from the road HM were detected in the tubers, but in smaller concentrations. Lead and cadmium were not discovered in potato tubers grown at a distance 500 meters away from the highway.
Keywords: Heavy Metals, Nitrates, Organic Products, Pesticides, Potato


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