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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2024, Volume: 17, Issue: 2, Pages: 105-111

Original Article

Partial Ground-Based Miniaturized Ultra Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna

Received Date:17 October 2023, Accepted Date:30 November 2023, Published Date:12 January 2024


Objective: To implement a miniaturized ultra-wideband microstrip patch antenna for wireless applications. Methods: The antenna design is established on the FR-4 substrate with a relative permittivity of 4.4 and a thickness of 1.60 mm. The entire area of the projected antenna is 26.33 x 19.39 x 1.60 mm³, and it is simulated in the CST MWS tool. An inset-fed patch and a modified ground plane are utilized to construct the antenna. Findings: The antenna's working frequency range is from 3.780 to 10.460 GHz with a peak gain of 4.8 dBi. The parameters such as VSWR, radiation patterns, return loss, and gain of the antenna are presented in this letter. Novelty: Designing an inset-fed patch antenna with a wide bandwidth is a challenge. Novelty can come from achieving a wider bandwidth than previously reported by optimizing the feed point location. The majority of the designed ultra-wideband antenna structures are complex with large sizes, but the existing antenna structure is implemented using an inset-fed patch and partial ground method. The fabricated antenna satisfies the desirable ultra-wideband performance in the 3.1–10.6 GHz frequency band. The antenna can be utilized for X-band, C-band, RFID, upper S-band, and satellite communication applications.

Keywords: Ultra­wideband, Microstrip antenna, Partial ground plane, inset fed patch, Return loss, Radiation Patterns, Gain, VSWR


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