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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 44, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies of the Business Students at Kalinga State University: A Basis for Enhancement of Teaching Strategies and Development of Program Structure


Objectives: The study is to find out the individual entrepreneurial competencies of the business students at Kalinga State University be able to propose Instruction Strategies and Program Structure. Methods/statistical analysis: A 55 item questionnaire covering ten personal entrepreneurial competencies (PEC), was utilized which focuses on the following entrepreneurial competencies: Ability to find business possibilities, Perseverance, Dedication to their endeavors, Passion for Quality Outputs and Efficiency, Willingness to undertake risk, Target Setting, The pursuit of Knowledge, Well-organized Planning and Practical Monitoring, Ability to influence people, and Belief in oneself. The score per PEC trait was measured by summing a constant. Graphs were used to illustrate the result. Findings: The overall PECS rating of the students is found to be moderate. Entrepreneurial competencies of the Ability to influence people and Self-reliance can be concluded as their strengths because it is where they obtained the highest scores. They are found moderate on the Ability to find business possibilities, Dedication to their endeavors, the desire for Quality and Production Efficiency, Risk Taking, The pursuit of Knowledge, Well-organized Planning and Practical Monitoring, and Ability to influence people. Both sexes are found moderate on their overall rating, the male respondents got a higher rating on all of the competencies assessed except for Passion for Quality Outputs and Efficiency. Among the three programs assessed, Financial Management and the Office Administration students enrolled in the subject Entrepreneurship got the highest overall PEC rating of 16.79 followed by Entrepreneurship students who are undergoing Business Implementation who got 16.26 PEC rating and students who are taking up Entrepreneurship and Business Plan subject with 16.24 PEC rating. Application/improvements: The study suggests that measures should be taken to improve the student’s competencies on Target Setting and Perseverance through training, and exposure to fieldwork and development of instructional materials.
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Competencies, Strategies, Business


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