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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2018, Volume: 11, Issue: 33, Pages: 1-7

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Power Line based Data Communication (As a Cost Effective Solution to Traditional System) and Interleave Division Multiple Access


Objectives: This paper presents a novel generalized PLC transceiver architecture (in IDMA system) and also compares the Channel frequency response based performance of PLC (in IDMA system) by varying the number of channels. Methods: The Matlab software is used for Simulation of Power Line Communication model. Multipath channel model for PLC is the model employed for considering the effect of multipath fading, frequency selective fading, physical signal propagation effects in main network and effect of impedance mismatching. The dispersive nature of channel is the base approach used for considering the effect of Intersymbol Interference. Single carrier modulation, FSK, QPSK, or other modulation methods are used as the modulation technique for narrowband applications on power lines. Power Line model Simulated Result for 4 and 15 number of channels concludes the relation between the parameters frequency, magnitude and phase. Findings: It shows the improvement in attenuation (frequency-dependent) and the frequency selective fading in Power Line Channel. The deep notches in the Frequency Response of the channel get reduced hence resulting in the attenuation improvement. By using IDMA with PLC, we can achieve a communication system which inherits the advantages of both schemes IDMA as well as power line channel. Wide variation in the Data rates can be achieved using power line communication. PLC major advantage is that its uses an existing infrastructure, so the cost of communication will get reduced. With PLC which can work over the various frequencies, communication becomes easier and maximum bandwidth can be utilized. Power Line (carrier) Communication system can be preferred choice over wireless or other Home Networking technology because of its easy installation and availability. With PLC which can work over the various frequencies, communication becomes easier and maximum bandwidth can be utilized. PLC technology promotes data communication of medium and low voltage power lines. Application: It involves the delivery of Communication signal with maximum efficiency over PLC applications. Frequency selective fading gets improved with increase in the number of channels when the PLC is used as the media of communication in IDMA system.

Keywords: BER (Bit Error Rate), CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), IDMA (Interleave Division Multiple Access), Power Grid, Smart Grid, FSK, QPSK


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