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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2024, Volume: 17, Issue: 15, Pages: 1566-1576

Original Article

Propagation of Elastic Waves along a Cylindrical Rod of Micropolar Elastic Solid with Stretch under Impedance Boundary Conditions

Received Date:05 February 2024, Accepted Date:19 March 2024, Published Date:13 April 2024


Objective: The objective of this article is to derive the dispersion relations of elastic waves along a cylindrical rod of homogeneous, isotropic micropolar elastic solid with stretch under impedance boundary conditions. Method: The basic equations and constitutive relations are converted into cylindrical coordinates and solved by adopting the method of plane harmonic solution. Findings: Displacements, micro rotations, and micro stretch relations are derived analytically. The dispersion relations pertaining to elastic waves with using impedance boundary conditions also derived analytically and these relations are compared with the results of Tomar. Novelty: With the use of the MATLAB program, the effects of impedance parameters, micropolarity and stretch are discussed for a particular model. The speed of the elastic wave is proportional to the ratio of the impedance parameter in microstretch elastic solids, but there is no significant effect of the impedance ratio in micropolar elastic solids.

Keywords: Elastic Waves, Cylindrical rod, Micropolarity, Micro stretch, Impedance Boundary Conditions


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