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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 23, Pages: 1982-1992

Original Article

PVA/GO-ZnO hybrid nanocomposites: Synthesis, Analysis and Applications

Received Date:01 April 2021, Accepted Date:24 May 2021, Published Date:12 July 2021


Objective: To prepare Poly vinyl alcohol (PVA) nanocomposites with novel GO-ZnO hybrid Nano filler and test its efficacy and applications. Methods: GO-ZnO hybrid nanocomposite filler was synthesized by modified hummer’s method. Polymer nanocomposite films were prepared by solution casting method. Synthesis of GO-ZnO hybrid procedure is explained in detail. ZnO with average size of 26.74 nm were equally anchored on the GO surface. The properties of the PVA film and the PVA/Graphene Oxide/Zinc oxide composite film were analyzed by electrical, thermo mechanical & spectroscopic analysis. Findings: The results showed that the incorporation of graphene oxide and zinc oxide into the PVA matrix resulted in enhanced mechanical properties and thermal stability of PVA composite films. The tensile strength increases from 3.84 MPa of neat PVA to 10.48 MPa of PVA-0.05% GO-ZnO and Young’s modulus increases from 104.407 to 106.765 MPa. The elongation behavior of the Polymer is increased by the addition of Nano filler and it varies from 15.94 Mpa of pure PVA polymer film to 239.52 MPa of 1% loading -GO-ZnO hybrid filler. Such an enormous improvement in the mechanical properties at such low stacking of GO-ZnO can be credited to a property of GO-ZnO hybrid nano-filler. DC conductivity studies were also under taken on the samples and the conductivity was found to be 2.89510-6 Scm􀀀1 for 5% loading of nano particle while pure PVA is observed as 9.95210-8.

Keywords: GOZnO; Hybrid; filler; nanocomposite; PVA; Electrical Conductivity


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