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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: Supplementary 5, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

Q-Methodological Analysis on the Image Types of ‘Good Female Life Sports Leaders’


This study aims to identify the image types of ‘good female life sports leaders’ felt by the life sports participants and to analyze the characteristics of its types. For study method, Q-methodology that explores a variety of human subjectivity was applied. In order to achieve the study objectives, a total of 39 subjects consisting of male and female groups of 10 each who participated in life sports for more than 5 years, male and female groups of 5 each who are life sports instructors, male and female groups of 3 each who are acting officials at the Life Sports Association and 3 professors majoring in life sports were selected as the Q-population through open questionnaire having 4 questions where 32 statements were selected as the final Q samples. For P samples of study, a total of 51 P samples consisting of life sports participants who have participated for more than 5 years were selected. For processing the data collected through Q classification, QUANL 1.2 program for PC type was used to analyze the major factors and Varimax was used for rotation method. The analysis results are as follows. First, based on the investigation of subjectivity of participants on the image types of ‘good female life sports leaders’, it was classified into 5 types. These 5 factors had the explanatory power of 51.90% of total variance and the Eigen value of each type was 15.4375, 3.7600, 2.7857, 2.2584 and 2.2298. Second, according to the characteristics of the type, it was named as ‘leaders that provide enjoyment and happiness’ as type 1, ‘leaders combined with good looks’ as type 2, ‘leaders having progressive leadership’ as type 3, ‘leaders with expertise’ as type 4 and ‘leaders with strong self-responsibility’ as type 5. For the type 1 ‘leaders that provide enjoyment and happiness’ brings vitalization and recharge of life by providing vitality and energy to the life sports participants. For the type 2 ‘leaders combined with good looks’ are persons who teaches sports but cannot be fat and must consider for their appearance in order to be seen as an exemplary leader, where unless these criteria are met, it is thought that sports activity will not be effective and shown that life sports participants tend to pay attention to their appearance and shape by looking at the appearance and shape of their leaders. For the type 3 ‘leaders having progressive leadership’ are always positive and active leaders where in order to teach adults, it was shown that a leader having progressive leadership was needed. For the type 4 ‘leaders with expertise’ teaches the techniques on forms and movements of sports thus it was shown that they require expertise and ability. For the type 5 ‘leaders with strong self-responsibility’ should always have good self-management, responsibility towards their work and careful consideration towards the members.
Keywords: Good Female Life Sports Leaders, Image, Q-Methodology


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