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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 40, Pages: 3462-3470

Original Article

Rate Equations Model to Simulate the Dual Generation of Nd+3: YAG Passive Q-Switched Laser Pulses

Received Date:02 August 2023, Accepted Date:04 September 2023, Published Date:27 October 2023


Objective: Rate equations model has been formulated to simulate the simultaneous generation of two passive Q-switching pulses using one active medium. It is possible to separate them and employ each pulse in practical applications. Methods: The model was solved numerically by used Rung–kutta–Fahelberg method. This model was tested in the study of the effect of saturable absorber ions concentration on the duration, energy, and power of the dual pulses which are generation by passive Q-switching of . Finding: The results of the numerical solution showed that the temporal behavior of photons density of passive Q-switching pulses and the population inversion density of active medium is good agreement with studies which dealt the theory of passive Q-switching, which enhances reliability using this model. Novelty: The mathematical model included six rate equations instead of three or four rate equations. It is based to simulate the spectrum lines as a 4-level and 3-level energy schemes of active medium to get two passive Q-switching laser pulses at the same time (instantaneously) instead of one pulse. Can be separated into two pulses to employ each of them in applications.

Keywords: Laser; Passive Q-Switching; Solid state lasers; Nd+3


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