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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 27, Pages: 1-8

Original Article

Relations among Career Identity, Nursing Professionalism and Violent Experiences of Nursing Students


This study conducted research on violence that nursing college students experience during clinical practicum and its impact on career identity and nursing professionalism on nursing students to prepare countermeasures which nursing college students more effectively respond against violence and abuse, and to provide fundamental data necessary to enhance career identity and professionalism. The research was conducted to 187 junior and senior nursing college students in M city who had been in clinical practicum. Research data was collected from 2014. September 1st to October 30th and SPSS Program 20.0 was used for real number and percentage, average and standard deviation, Pearsons’s correlation co-efficiency, and regression analysis. During the recent 12 months, 89.9% of nursing college students had experienced abuses by patients, their families, doctors, nurses and others; they were verbal abuses, physical abuses and sexual abuses in types and rank. Career identity on average was 2.36 out of 4 and professionalism was 3.81 out of 5. Impacts of abuses on career identity and nursing professionalism were examined and its results showed that there were significant statistical relations among violence experiences, career identity and nursing professionalism. Undergraduate nursing students were suffering serious level of violence during their clinical practicum; these kind of abusive experiences were revealed to have negative influence to nursing college students while career identity and nursing professionalism were being established. It is opinioned that before clinical practicum, nursing colleges needs to encourage college students to have confidence in themselves and to have expectations that they can perform successful clinical training. Furthermore a high quality of educational environment is required to raise nurses who can provide a good quality care and thus ensuring safety at workplace during clinical practicum is prerequisite to this end.
Keywords: Abusive Experience, Career Identity, Nursing Professionalism, Nursing Student


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