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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2017, Volume: 10, Issue: 13, Pages: 1-3

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Robotic Ultrasonic Testing


Objectives: This paper describes a system for inspecting the pipelines used under sea water by robotic ultrasonic methods. The invention discusses the use of a series of robots inside the pipeline for the detection of defect using the ultrasonic testing. Methods/Statistical analysis: The underwater piping system is the best option for the transportation of oils and natural gases as this pipe ranges a large distance. But there is the possibility of defects such as crack, or corrosion on the wall of pipes. So in order to detect any defect on the interior surface of pipe, non-destructive testing methods are employed. As the pipeline is so long, it is impossible to go and check manually. So robots are deployed inside the pipe line for inspection. In some cases inspection of defects using a single robot is not accurate. Therefore in this present disclosure a series of the robots are deployed in the pipeline which moves to and fro motion to cover certain distance. The series of robots are placed at a specific distant to each other as there will be no collision between them. Findings: The deployed series of robots detect the defect by using the ultrasonic non-destructive testing. Ultrasonic inspection is the technology used to test the objects by directing the higher frequency sound waves onto the object to find defects on both surface and internal. This beam travels through the object with some loss, except when it is diverted and reflected by a discontinuity. The detection, location, and evaluation of discontinuities become possible as the velocity of sound into the object being tested is almost constant. Application/Improvements: The use of a series of robots in the underwear piping system enables easier and better detection of faults and blockages in the piping system.

Keywords: Camera, Corrosion, Defects, Internet of Things, Main Controller, Non-Destructive, Robots, Ultrasonic, Underwater Pipelines


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