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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 32, Pages: 2560-2567

Original Article

Robust Analysis of Various Measurement Uncertainty Parameters in Rebound Hammer Test

Received Date:07 July 2023, Accepted Date:18 July 2023, Published Date:29 August 2023


Objective: The major objective of the proposed work is to determine the concrete’s expected compressive strength by evaluating the consistency of concrete using Rebound Hammer Test. Further, the determination of the quality of one component of the concrete relates to the quality of another component based on the concrete meeting criteria established by the several standards in the literature. Methods: Laboratory professional’s needs to properly correlate the compressive strength with the observations of rebound hammer normally called as rebound index. Since test readings are affected by number of parameters, measurement uncertainty plays vital role in deciding the output of test. Analytical method as per the guidelines of GUM (Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement) and Monte Carlo simulation is used for obtaining uncertainty value in measurement of compressive strength. As per the proposed test procedure total 10 test blocks made up of concrete are selected for testing. For each block 6 readings are taken using rebound hammer. The rebound index (RI) obtained in reading is then converted to compressive strength (CS) value. Findings: The obtained test results are compared with the simulation values obtained from Monte Carlo simulation. The results shows that the magnitude of evaluated uncertainty values are on higher side as compare to simulated uncertainty values. Novelty and applications: In this paper uncertainty related to compressive strength measurement using rebound hammer test is evaluated by considering the effects of various parameters related to instrument, test procedure and test environment. This obtained uncertainty values provides reliable information about compressive strength of concrete structures.

Keywords: Measurement; Measurement Uncertainty; Rebound Hammer Test; Compressive Strength; Monte Carlo Simulation


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