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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 17, Pages: 1-9

Original Article

RSA-DABE: A Novel Approach for Secure Health Data Sharing in Ubiquitous Computing Environment


Contemporary business models deals with gargantuan amount of data which governs the complete business body and such mammothamountofdataneedtobesharedamongdistributedentities forbetterproductivity.Inthispaperwehaveproposeda secure data sharing model which ensures thatthe data remains unaltered while sharing it with other entities. Any information which is shared with other system entities gets vanished from the data owner, which makes data sharing more vulnerable in the present scenario. The proposed model incorporates the concept of assigning distributed authority which takes care of the shared information. The model adopts the distributed attribute based encryption technique to secure the data sharing process in a distributed environment and implemented against the traditional attribute based model and proved that the attribute spooling is eliminated. To enable a secure data sharing and access in a multi access ubiquitous environment, the proposed secured data sharing protocol enhances the attribute based encryption for distributed environment (DABE). The security model uses a two-folded approach for enabling secure data sharing among the parties, initially it allows the data owner to define their access policy along with their attributes then it encapsulates the attributes with the cryptographic parameters and keeps it under the control of attribute authority. As a second fold, to enhance the data interaction process within the system entities a secured channel is created using a public key crypto system. In our model, we encrypted every attribute of the user against a unique private key component, hence spooling of known attribute yields no results to the adversaries. The proposed model remains owner centric, by granting permission to the data user to determine who can access what, when and where while other traditional models fail to achieve this. The confidentiality threshold has been increased by validating the data origin and accessing entity by using robust cryptographic methodology. Our model is designed to offer low overhead and high secure platform to share the data between the data owner and accessing entities. The protocol uses a distributed approach by creating independent authorities thus increasing the system efficiency. The proposed security protocol has been tested in a ubiquitous health care environment and the results are proved to be efficient in terms of overhead, security and spooling.
Keywords: Access Policy, Attribute Authority, Health Data, Secure Data Sharing, Tunnelling, Ubiquitous Computing


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