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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 26, Pages: 1-6

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Second Language Learning Convergence System Based on Big Data


Background/Objectives: In this paper, we explore an effective way to figure out a simple and efficient means of Second Language Acquisition through Big Data utilization. The final goal is to develop a system that enables instant access to the information that is specifically arranged for certain individuals. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The ability for searching the information that second language learners have in mind differs by the individual’s information literacy. Also, learners show different language aptitude and efficiency when they study the target language. Tracking a massive flow of information that individuals can take advantage of is the key feature to be investigated. Developing a system that takes account of individual’s information literacy and aptitude can show positive effect in the learning process. Findings: Proposed system mode l, Big Data Language Education system (BDLEs) presents an effective language learning process through the utilization of Big Data that is subcategorized for its core purpose. BDLE system like the existing models has the function of determining the output for each individual hoping to find the right information they are looking for. It sends out a massive amount of information, however, it doesn’t seem to fulfill the users’ desires since the results appear different depending on the information literacy. The strong point of the proposed system is that it is focused on to design an advanced system that can complement the insufficient portion of the existing models. It diversifies the output by subcategorizing Big Data into a unit that enables the system to pick out a more specific and accurate information by analyzing and comparing the information literacy and learning aptitude of learners. Applications/Improvement: Utilization of well-organized Big Data complements the lack of information literacy. It will function as a time saving
Keywords: Data Categorization, Information Extraction Language Aptitude, Mobile Language Education, Second Language Learning


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