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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 44, Pages: 4016-4025

Original Article

Secure Fuzzy Simple Shortest Path Routing Protocol (SF_SSP) for Underwater Communication

Received Date:08 August 2023, Accepted Date:19 October 2023, Published Date:21 November 2023


Objectives: The primary objective of the protocol is to detect malicious nodes accurately and efficiently. Malicious nodes can disrupt communication, drop packets, or launch various attacks on the network. By using fuzzy logic, this protocol considers multiple parameters and behaviors of nodes to identify potential malicious activities. Methods: In this work, fuzzy logic rules are utilized for evaluating various parameters and behaviors for nodes. Fuzzy inference system with linguistic variables and fuzzy rules is also established. Findings: In UWSN, Security is one of the key points of consideration in implementing the protocol. However current routing protocols have not been designed to defend against security attacks that can degrade the network performance. Since the nodes in UWSN are susceptible to malicious attacks, it is easier for an adversary to operate and to select UWSN channel along with communication nodes. In the UWSN environment, the presence of selfish nodes degrades the performance of the confidence nodes. This presence of selfish nodes in UWSN also leads to connection letdown between communication nodes. In this research work, an intelligent routing technique is introduced to Simple Shortest Path (SSP) routing protocol. We have added fuzzy-based security to SSP that enhances the SSP performance. This research work proposes fuzzy-based selfish node detection and removing those selfish nodes from routing. The parameters which describe the behavior of individual nodes are extracted and evaluated using fuzzy rules. The proposed SF_SSP provides higher throughput and packet Delivery Ratio compared to VBF, and SSP. Novelty: The novelty of detecting malicious nodes in underwater communication lies in its adaptive and robust trust evaluation using fuzzy logic to handle uncertainty and dynamic underwater conditions effectively. In this work, we have strengthened the Simple Shortest Path (SSP) routing scheme by adding fuzzy-based security rules.

Keywords: Dynamic routing, Fuzzy Set, Confidence node, Security, Trust Evaluation


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