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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: Special Issue 1, Pages: 1-7

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Secured Direction Oriented Forwarding through Minimum Amount of Edge Nodes (SDOF-MEN) Protocol for MANETS


Background/Objectives: A Mobile Ad-Hoc Network is formed with an assembly of mobile nodes. Efficient data transmission with security is the important requirement. Security vulnerabilities like attacks are high in MANET. One of the vital attacks is Black hole attack. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The objective of this article is to transmit data in efficient way and also in secured manner. This paper suggests a Secured Direction Oriented Forwarding through Minimum amount of Edge Nodes (SDOF-MEN) protocol for MANET. By reducing the amount of transmissions the efficiency can be improved. Secured transmission is achieved by identifying and removing Hateful nodes from the network. Findings: The SDOF-MEN Protocol is a method which selects least amount of edge nodes to communicate the data. It picks one particular verge node as following hop, and transmits data to the selected following node only. Hence the routing overhead is completely reduced. Thereby it reduces the amount of path-finding messages. With respect to the location, the information is straightly conveyed through midway nodes, hence the efficiency of the whole network is increased. Some nodes are Hateful nodes which are dropping data packets. It identifies both internal and external black hole nodes and removes from the data transmission process. Applications/Improvements: In this paper the algorithm is simulated using ns-2 simulator and analyzed by measuring the performance parameter Packet Delivery Ratio. The Packet Delivery Ratio can be enriched by removing Hateful node.
Keywords: Base Station, Black Hole Attack, Mobile Ad-Hoc Network, Reduced Path-finding Overhead, Routing Through Edge Node, Secured Transmission 


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