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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2011, Volume: 4, Issue: 1, Pages: 68-71

Original Article

Self-efficacy among the students of biological sciences at Cuddalore district, TN, India


Integration of information technology is inevitable in day-today-life including teaching-learning process. Measurement of technology efficacy using appropriate instruments may provide a useful indicator of the effects of students’ initiatives intended for better technology use. Firstly, students should possess technology efficacy to meet out the demands of the upcoming society without which the art of education would never attain its completeness. From this perspective, students are capable of influencing their own motivation and performance according to a model of triadic reciprocality in which personal determinants such as self-efficacy; environmental conditions and action are mutually interactive influences. Undoubtedly, it is the need of the hour that the students of undergraduate level are expected to update their knowledge and equipmentation skills. Henceforth, the investigator decided to conduct a study pertaining to this area. The problem selected for the study is stated as self-efficacy among the students of biological sciences at Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu in India. Self-efficacy has been defined as individuals' attitude about their performance capabilities in a particular domain. Self-efficacy beliefs influence on the choices individuals make and the courses of action they trail. An individual's sense of self-efficacy is also related to achievement goals, attributions, self-regulation and option. It is concluded that the medium of instruction, gender difference and the community did not affect the selfefficacy in equipmentation among the biology students of the study area but certain educational institutional environment influenced positively. The outcome of this study may help the educational managers to identify those factors that are capable of influencing the learning process in a better way.
Keywords: Biology, Cuddalore, education, gender, instructional medium, information technology, science, self-efficacy,


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