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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2018, Volume: 11, Issue: 20, Pages: 1-13

Original Article

Simplified Vulnerabiltiy Analysis (SVA) Preliminary Design of the Frame Structure in the Architectural DesignProcess


Background: There is a need for a good cooperation between the architects and structural experts in creating of earthquake architecture. Through some ways in the design process, the architects can identify and evaluate the vulnerability of the building from earthquakes. Unfortunately, there is no available evaluation method, so the alternative is adopting SVA (Simplified Vulnerability Analysis) method, a limited engineering analysis based on the information from the architecture and structure drawings of the existing buildings. The Japan Building Disaster Prevention Association (JBDPA) and Matsutaro Seki developed the SVA, and then Seki adopted the SVA of JBDPA and adjusted it to the international earthquake regulation. In principle, the JBDPA and Seki SVA is a safe structure if the seismic structure index ≥ the seismic demand index. The modification of the JBDPA and Seki SVA in this research is that the seismic structure index consists of the column dimension index, column rigidity index; strong column/weak beam index, redundancy index, and structure ductility index. Meanwhile, the seismic demand index is the multiplication between seismic response index and the priority factors of building functions. Methods: It is a quantitative research with experimental research method. The modified SVA formulation was compared with the pushover analysis from other researchers. The results were then \ovulated and compared. Findings: Generally the modification on SVA formulation from JBDPA and Seki show a relatively good result in evaluating the vulnerability of preliminary design of the frame structure in the architectural design process. Applications: The SVA procedure can be used to underlie the potential status of the selected buildings and subsequently there is a list of the buildings which needs more detailed vulnerability assessment conducted by the structural experts.

Keywords: Architectural Design, Earthquake, Irregular, Simplified Vulnerability Analysis, SVA


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