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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2008, Volume: 1, Issue: 5, Pages: 1-8

Original Article

Some aspects of air pollution climatology of Raipur and Korba (India)


This study aims at comparative diffusion/ dispersal capacities, seasonal and diurnal pollution potential (i.e., to explain the ability of the atmosphere to stagnate or dilute pollutants) of some industrial areas of Chhattisgarh in India. For this purpose, the meteorological data of two stations viz. Raipur and Korba have been analyzed for the period of five years (1998 -2002) which included four seasonal representative months: winter (January), pre-monsoon (April), monsoon (July) and post-monsoon (October). The analysis shows absence of stable conditions in the daytime and unstable condition in the night in each seasonal representative month. In general, highest mixing height and ventilation coefficient was recorded during April. From the results it has been concluded that daytime is suitable for good dispersion in all the months. The results also suggest that pollutants are well dispersed in April and July. The vertical dispersion of pollutants / contaminants can peak during January and October. As the predominant winds are northerly or northwesterly, any industrial set up should be in the leeward side i.e. in the southerly or southeasterly of the city in order to minimize the effect of pollutants. This study indicates more conducive atmosphere around Raipur.

Keywords: Chhattisgarh. meteorological parameters, pollution, wind roses, ventilation coefficient, emission schedule.


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