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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2022, Volume: 15, Issue: 38, Pages: 1941-1948

Original Article

Structural Behavior of steel frame Infilled with Ferrocement Precast Panel S ubjected to Lateral Load

Received Date:07 July 2022, Accepted Date:01 September 2022, Published Date:14 October 2022


Background: When a severe earthquake ground motion hits the structure even if it doesn’t collapse it may undergoes inelastic deformations. Steel structure infilled with precast panels becomes less efficient when subjected to large lateral loads like strong wind and earthquake. Hence assessment of actual performance of steel frames provided with infills in the event of earthquake is essential. Methods: In the current study, a prototype model of steel frame size 4m x4m bay & 4m height with G+2 story is scaled down and subjected to lateral seismic load by conducting shake table test to assess modal frequencies, the same structure is modelled in Hypermesh and analyzed in Nastran, ETABS software. The results obtained are validated for a 16X16m bay of 4m height commercial complex of G+9 Multi-storeyed structure infilled with Ferrocement Precast panels analysed in ETABS software for base shear, response spectrum and pushover analysis to assess the performance of the structure. Findings: The frequency from modal analysis was found to be 45.21 Hz, for G+2 storied model in ETABS, values obtained for frequency, base shear, performance point of the structure are in appreciable. Novelty: As per the traditional earthquake design methods, structures are designed for less forces than maximum considered for earthquake. The overall performance of the structure is found to be safe even infilled with Ferrocement precast panels. Advantages: Ferrocement panels as infills has benefit as they are slender from structural point of view. Compared with steel bare frame dynamic behavior of bare steel frame which is infilled with Ferrocement precast panel subjected to lateral loads is high that helps in assessing the damage in the event of an earthquake in critical zone V.

Keywords: Infill; Ferrocement precast panels; Pushover Analysis; Performance point; Response spectrum


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