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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2020, Volume: 13, Issue: 30, Pages: 3025-3040

Original Article

An approach of multistage distribution system network expansion planning considering investment, operational cost and reliability of system

Received Date:20 May 2020, Accepted Date:30 July 2020, Published Date:19 August 2020


Objectives: To solve the Multistage Distribution System Planning (MSDSP) problem by a solution strategy based on investment cost, operational cost and reliability of electric power distribution system network. Method: A distinctive multi- objective function model has been developed to compute the expansion period wise cost of investment, operational cost (cost of energy losses in the distribution network) and system reliability is evaluated in terms of Non-Supplied Energy Cost (NSEC) under contingency conditions. Findings:The computed result presents the cost of investment of new equipment, operational cost and NSEC for each period of network expansion along with overall cost of investment in all periods of network expansion. Results obtained also demonstrate the corresponding bus nodes voltages in per unit (pu) for each period of network expansion to satisfy the technical constraints of the voltage profiles. Novelty: A distinctive multi-objective function model is developed to solve MSDSP problem with planning & operational constraints and results obtained encourages the prospects related to the technical, economical and system reliability issues of electric power distribution system network.

Keywords: Multistage distribution system planning (MSDSP); investment cost;operational cost; distribution system reliability; non-supplied energy cost(NSEC); load flow studies


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