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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 31, Pages: 2526-2534

Original Article

Study of Physical, Mechanical, and Barrier Properties in Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Mixed with Silver Zeolite Nanoparticles (Ag-zeolite) Film

Received Date:01 January 2021, Accepted Date:28 April 2021, Published Date:18 September 2021


Background/Objectives: The primary goal of using active packaging is to extend the shelf life of products inside the package. This research aimed to study the properties of LLDPE with Ag-zeolite nanoparticles to extend product shelf-life. Methods/Statistical analysis: In this research, LLDPE films combined with Ag-zeolite at 0.5 and 1 % wt. were produced by using a twinscrew extruder and a blown film extruder. The inspected properties included the physical properties, the mechanical properties, and the barrier properties. The data were analyzed by performing the one-way ANOVA analysis and paired comparison analysis, using the IBM SPSS software with the confidential statistics of 95%. Findings: The analyzed physical properties of the plastic films in this study showed that, when Ag-zeolite was added to the LLDPE, the yellowness index of the film increased. When Ag-zeolite was added to LLDPE plastic films, it did not appear to alter the tested plastics’ melting temperature (Tm), crystallization temperature (Tc), or the crystallinity of all the plastic films and conformed to the FT-TR and XRD curves. Ag- zeolite agent’s dispersion on the film’s gloss seemed to be aligned with the SEM images. However, although adding an Ag-zeolite agent into LLDPE film contributed to the change in color, it did not affect the polymer’s characteristics and structure. Lastly, the mechanical properties across the LLDPE plastic films mixed with Ag-zeolite agent statistically significantly decreased, but the barrier properties of the films did not change. Applications: The study results could be an alternative for manufacturing active packaging. Novelty: Color changing of LLDPE film mixed with Ag-zeolite agent, but it did not change the polymer’s characteristic or structure.

Keywords: Antibacterial agent; Linear lowdensity polyethylene (LLDPE); Physical properties; Plastic film; Silver zeolite nanoparticles (Ag-zeolite); Yellowness index


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