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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2022, Volume: 15, Issue: 48, Pages: 2740-2747

Original Article

Study of Reactive Diffusion in Cu/Zn Diffusion Couple

Received Date:08 January 2022, Accepted Date:04 September 2022, Published Date:27 December 2022


Objective: To study the micro structure of the interfacial region of Cu/Zn diffusion couple at 250◦C and its evolution with diffusion time. Methods: The couple was prepared by a diffusion bonding technique and then annealed at 250 ◦C in Argon atmosphere. The micro structure resulting from diffusion reactions in the couple was studied by scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray. Findings: Two continuous inter metallic phase layers formed at the interface between Cu and Zn metals. The formed inter metallic were e and g phases of the Cu-Zn system. The g layer grew much faster than the e layer. The growth kinetics of the g phase layer was parabolic with a growth constant kp =(1;90;02)10􀀀13m2s􀀀1. Novelty: This study suggests that reactive diffusion in Cu/Zn diffusion couple occurs according to a model proposed in this paper.

Keywords: Intermetallics; CuZn System; Interdiffusion; Diffusion Couple; Reactive Diffusion


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