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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 37, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

The Effects of Sleep Hygiene Program on Sleep Quality in the Elderly Women


Objectives:This research was tried to investigate effects of implementation of sleep hygiene education to elderly women people living in some local communities on Pittsburgh sleep quality index, sleep hygiene knowledge and depression of elderly women. Methods/Statistical Analysis:This study used quasi-experimental study design. Eligible participants were female seniors aged 60 or older living in a local community. A total of 50 participants were assigned to an 8-session sleep hygiene program (n=25) or control group (n=25). The collected data materials were processed with SPSS 18.0 program. Descriptive statistical method 𝑥²test, t-test, and Paired t-test were utilized. The outcome variables were sleep quality, depression, and sleep hygiene education.Findings:The findings showed that the program was effective in decreasing sleep disorder. This study experimental group and control group were tested for their homogeneity. As a result, the two groups showed no statistically significant difference in their family member cohabitation status and number of physical illnesses whereas their age and educational background showed significant difference. The homogeneity between experiment and control groups was tested before the experiment regarding the dependent variables of sleep quality and depression.And the sleep quality in experiment group was found at 12.8; and control group, 11.16, representing a significant gap (t=2.52, p=.02). The depression status of experiment group was found at 4.56; and control group, 4.88, showing no significant gap (t=-.27, p=.79).Through the result of impact of sleep hygiene program on sleep quality in the elderly women, Pittsburgh sleep disorder score in participation group was much lower than in non-participation group(t=2.34, p<.05). The depression status represented no significant difference.Level of sleep hygiene knowledge and satisfaction of the program of participation group was increased after program. Improvements/Applications:Sleep hygiene program is helpful to acquire life habit knowledge that is needed to improve quality of sleep and to improve quality of sleep. 
Keywords: Elderly, Sleep Disorder, Sleep Hygiene


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