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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 35, Pages: 1-9

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The Factors affecting Health Behaviors of a Mother with Infants and Toddlers


This study was conducted to investigate the effect of mother’s health belief and health knowledge on health behaviors and to provide basic data for the development of community health care programs for infants and toddlers Data collected from 331 mothers who had infants and toddlers. The questionnaire included general characteristics, health behavior, heath belief, health knowledge. The average of mother’s health belief was 3.34±0.34 and the average of health behaviors towards their children and of health knowledge were 3.90±0.42 and 22.13±3.18, respectively. In the relation among mother’s health knowledge, health belief and health behaviors towards their children, the higher health knowledge, the higher the level of health belief and health behaviors, the higher health belief, the higher the level of health behaviors. Factors affecting health behaviors included self-efficacy, health knowledge, perceived benefits, children’s health condition in order of how influential the factors in health behaviors. In the result, it was demonstrated that health knowledge affected health behaviors because the higher health knowledge, the higher the level of health belief. Therefore, continuous health education programs are required for mothers with infants and considering working mother’s health promotional literature needs to be produced and delivered regularly in order to increase mother’s health knowledge level. 1. Introduction Infancy is a period of rapid physical and mental development as well as cognitive development1. So infancy is considered as critical stage in the childhood2. But infants and toddlers are less aware of their health problems and are not able to take proper actions to those problems. They have lower immunity and higher susceptibility compared to adults3. Therefore, health care for infants and toddlers should be more attentive. The role of a mother is crucial during infancy where the child acquires confidence and autonomy through interaction with a mother, a main fosterer who spends most of the time together with the child4. In addition, during this span, children’s imitation and dependency on a person who takes care of them are very strong and therefore incorrect parenting style and lifestyle of a mother directly and indirectly affect formation of health habits which can negatively influence normal development and health promotion5. Therefore, a mother who provides an infant with care as a main supporter is highly responsible for healthrelated problems during the span and act as an active and primary participant in maintaining and promoting health of the child6. Thus, it is important to understand factors affecting mother’s health knowledge and health care behaviors towards infants and toddlers.
Keywords: Health Behavior, Heath Belief, Health Knowledge, Mother


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