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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2020, Volume: 13, Issue: 32, Pages: 3320-3326

Original Article

The influence of technology on business performance: The mediating role of information sharing

Received Date:30 July 2020, Accepted Date:17 August 2020, Published Date:01 September 2020


Objective: The study aims to examine the influence of Technology on Business performance in marine fishing export companies of Sindh. Regularly, the demand for fish has been increasing but limited populations of fish create problems for demand and supply. Methodology: Primary data has been collected with the help of the adopted questionnaire and the respondents of this study were both upper-level management and lower level of marine export companies, which are operating in Karachi, Pakistan. A total of 190 questionnaires were distributed but only 150 were filled by responded with a response rate of 79%. The gathered data was analyzed through various statistical techniques such as Factors Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Reliability Analysis, and Structural Equation Modelling in SPSS and AMOS. Findings: The present study revealed that Information sharing partially mediated the relationship between Technology and Business Performance. Implications: Based on these results, it is recommended to the top management export companies to take notice of the latest technology and incorporate it into their future policies and practices for better result in marine export in the future from coastal areas of Sindh, Pakistan. Novelty: Firstly this study gives insight to Information sharing as a mediator between Technology and Business Performance, unlike previous studies which verified the direct relationship between Technology and Business Performance. Secondly, as far as our information no research has been conducted on marine export firms, which are operating in Karachi, Pakistan.

Keywords: Technology; business performance; information sharing; marine fishing


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