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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2020, Volume: 13, Issue: 19, Pages: 1873-1881

Original Article

Experimental investigations on the performance of a modified co-flow jet aerofoil

Received Date:01 April 2020, Accepted Date:22 May 2020, Published Date:18 June 2020


Objectives: To study the performance of a Modified Co Flow Jet (MCFJ) aerofoil with a converging nozzle located at the leading edge so as to reduce the pumping power. Methods: The experimental investigations are conducted on a base aerofoil and a modified CFJ (MCFJ) aerofoil in a subsonic tunnel at various angle of attack (AOA). The output performance parameters like coefficient of Lift (CL), Coefficient of drag (CD) and Lift are obtained for both the aerofoil and the results are compared. Findings: The result shows that the stalling angle of the MCFJ aerofoil advanced by 5◦ providing better flow characteristics than the baseline aerofoil. The lift increases up to 43% during the critical angle of attack of 25◦ in the MCFJ aerofoil. Novelty: In the present study, a convergent nozzle is placed near the leading edge of the CFJ aerofoil which effectively controls the mass flow rate of the flow during all phases of flight, thereby resulting in improved aerodynamic performance. Applications: This novel concept can be used for improved aerodynamic performance of MCFJ aerofoil with reduced pumping power. Also, it is possible to obtain improved performance of CFJ Method at all phases of flight by controlling the flow velocity by using the convergent nozzle.

Keywords: Modified co-flow jet; Angle of attack; Coefficient of lift; Coefficient of lift and drag; Aerodynamic performance


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