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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 45, Pages: 1-4

Original Article

Comparison and Construction of Body Fat Standards for Different Age Groups among University Male Students


Objectives: This study examined the differences in body fat percent and its variables comparing it with different age groups in university male students. The present study also aimed at constructing body fat standards for university male students. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Five thousand male participants were chosen randomly for the purpose of research. The participant’s age was from 18-25 years. Eight age groups were formed according to the age of participating students. Group one had participants with 18 years of age, group two - 19 years, group three - 20 years, group four - 21 years, group five - 22 years, group six - 23 years, group seven - 24 years and group eight had participants with 25 years of age. All participants had undergone testing on selected variables at different times. Technical support was taken from physical education expert to collect the data on body fat percent and other variables. Collected data was analyzed with one-wayanova and .05 were set as the level of significance. Findings: Analysis of collected data from present study revealed a highly significant difference in body fat percent between various age groups (F 7, 4992 = 93.6), fat mass (F 7, 4992 = 56.80), lean body mass ( F 7, 4992 = 15.23) and body density (F 7, 4992 = 94.81). The range for body fat standards was <2 % for group one (18 years) to >27% for group eight (25 years). Application/Improvement: There was as ignificant change in body fat percent, lean mass, fat mass and body density among different age groups. Body fat increased with the advancement of age in university youths. The significant difference found can be attributed to various factors. Body fat percent was least in the first year of university i.e. 18 years age group. The student seems to be more active in early years of their college. While it was observed that body fat percent was highest in group eight (25 years) i.e. during the later stages of the university. Generally, students are less inclined towards physical activities in the later stage of their university years due to more concentration towards studies and career building. This may lead to accumulation of more fat in this age group.

Keywords: Age, Body Fat Percent, University Students


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