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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 18, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Decision Making in Small Businesses


Background/Objectives: The science of support for decision-making has undergone many changes thanks to the remarkable development in the science of networks and Artificial Intelligence. Decision support was born through the integration of management science, operational research and cognitive science. Now this science is growing in line with the results of advanced research in the field of database management, Internet networks, intranet networks, extranet networks, good systems and neural networks, genetic algorithms and gas logic. Method: Management Science, Operations Research and Cognitive Science are the basic concepts of decision support. We find the concept of decision, the decision process and the concept of different models to study the decision-making process. We find how to simulate and simulate real systems (modeling, descriptive models and methods). Mathematical models used in solving these models, such as linear and nonlinear programming methods and the theory of frames and rows. Artificial Intelligence (AI) became one of the hottest topic and a promising methodology trending in many industries and businesses. Artificial Intelligence is a computer-based science developed to analyze data, tackle problems, and discover trends and similarities. Findings: This study shed the light on the importance of using AI in supporting the big and small businesses through adapting the novel advantages gained by Artificial Intelligence to overcome routine or complicated problems that usually take a lot of effort and resources such as data analysis and forecasting markets and customers’ preferences. Also, in this article, the experience of several entrepreneurs who have augmented us with their own knowledge on how they used Artificial Intelligence in their corporations will be demonstrated. Application/Improvements: The application of this study will be on internet technology that has been greatly contributed to the development of collective decision support systems through virtual meeting sessions and Brainstorming sessions without the need to be physically present in one place. 

Keywords: AI, Decision Making and Marketing, Enterprise, Intelligent Systems, ML


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