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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 44, Pages: 1-6

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Vascular Bundle of Wasted Leaf Stalk of Coconut Tree as a Natural Coagulant to Treat Sewage Water


Objectives: To enhance conventional sewage treatment by natural coagulation to remove TSS, BOD and COD with better efficiency, to reduce the energy required in secondary treatment operation and to produce plant nutrients as bio sludge in the primary treatment process. Method: Chemical sludge generated through coagulation and flocculation is one sort of chemical waste. The use of the chemicals to treat sewage, generates an enormous quantity of sludge which pollutes an environment by its disposal. Conventional sewage treatment based on microbial metabolism may also affect due to dissolve concentration of chemicals in sewage by chemical coagulation. In water treatment, natural coagulants are effectively used as alternatives to chemical coagulants. Yet limited work has been observed on treatment of sewage by natural coagulants. This study carried out to check potential and use of the extract from ‘Vascular Bundle’ a fibrous material (VBPCN) of wasted leaf stalk [Petiole] of coconut tree [Cocosnucifera] as a natural coagulant and in combination with Alum to treat sewage. Findings: From this study, it is seen that the BOD and TSS are removed with efficiency of 50% and 70% respectively after primary treatment and therefore, reduced the organic load on secondary treatment units. The Primary Sludge is also enriched with plant nutrients. Novelty /Improvement: Present inventions upgrades conventional sewage treatment process, reduce use of energy for treatment, reduces land area required to establish treatment units, easily handle fluctuations in flow and characteristics of sewage and minimized the overall cost of treatment.

Keywords: Clariflocculator, Natural Coagulant, Plant Nutrients, Sewage, VBPCN


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