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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 24, Pages: 1-9

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What are Software Developers’ and Medical Experts’ Priorities for Adopting a Healthcare Software Platform?


Background/Objectives: Many policies are provided for promoting the software market. However, little research has studied medical experts’ or software developers’ requirements with regard to software platforms that focus on healthcare. Methods/Statistical Analysis: With a literature review and interviews with experts, questionnaires were developed in order to measure five topics: Fields to be developed, expertise, problems, effect and the factors that facilitate the platform. The survey was administered on a website for two weeks. The participants were medical experts and software developers. 97 software developers and 79 medical experts completed the survey. All of these completed surveys were analyzed using rank and priority test method. Findings: From the results of the survey of software developers and medical experts, it is possible to see the relevant priorities of these two groups. First, software developers and medical experts believe that health condition measurement and the prevention of disease/disorder are new markets that should be opened. Second, they want to share their expertise and knowledge if they participate in a healthcare software platform. Thus, we can verify that software developers and medical experts do not differ regarding the fields that should be considered and the expertise that should be offered. Third, software developers have concerns about the absence of preparation for healthcare software certification, the absence of preparation for a healthcare database and a shortage of information about the healthcare software market. Further, after adopting a healthcare software platform, software developers expect that it will enable them to utilize a specific healthcare database, utilize expertise and develop competitive content and share domestic/ foreign information on healthcare. Finally, there are priority factors that software developers believe can facilitate the platform. Application/Improvements: It is relevant for this study to survey two key participating supply-side groups. The results may be utilized to help provide useful directions for Korean government’s healthcare software platform policies.
Keywords: Medical Experts, Network Effects, Platform, Software Developers, The Orientation Toward a Happy Korea, Two-Sided Market


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