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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2014, Volume: 7, Issue: 1, Pages: 19-24

Original Article

A New Group Key Transfer Protocol using CBU Hash Function


In this paper we have proposed and successfully implemented a new group key transfer protocol based on CBU hash function. The proposed scheme relies on mutually trusted Key Distribution Center (KDC) to generate and distribute session keys to all communicating entities secretly. In this scheme the key information is broadcasted at once to all the participating entities, but with the available information only the authorized user will be able to recover the actual session key. The advantage of this protocol lies in the fact that even if the pre-shared master key gets compromised, the attacker will still will not be able to recover the actual session key. Furthermore, our protocol makes use of CBU hash function along with Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) to provide confidentiality.

Keywords: Group Key Transfer Protocol, CBU Hash Function, Key Distribution Centre (KDC), Advance Encryption Standards (AES), Confidentiality


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