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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 30, Pages: 2504-2510

Original Article

Comparative study on Synergistic effect of plant growth promoting microalgae and Panchagavya in reclaiming the wasteland and growth induction of Vigna radiata

Received Date:16 May 2021, Accepted Date:15 July 2021, Published Date:15 September 2021


Objectives: The present comparison investigation determines the synergistic effects of employing Plant Growth Promoters [Spirulina platensis and organic fertilizer (Panchagavya)] in a waste land soil bag containing Vigna radiata seeds. Method: Soil from the waste landfill were collected and stored for the experiment. The plants were cultivated in experimental pots (Control, A, B, and C groups) using waste land soil supplemented with PGP [Plant growth promoters] in volume separately. Group A was treated with Spirulina platensis. Group B was treated with Panchagavya. Group C were treated with the consortium (Spirulina platensis + Panchagavya). Control Pots were treated only with water. The crop’s growth characteristics were measured after 14 days. Biomass production [Phosphorous], and phytohormone quantification were done. The relationship between various growth and yield were determined using Pearson’s correlation coefficients. Results: Overall growth and physiology of Vigna radiata were significantly influenced by the addition of PGP in Consortium. The available phosphorus status of the soil is 40 kg / ha, after consortium treatment. Significant positive correlations of grain yield were observed with consortium (r = 0.716; p < 0.05) while non consortium showed comparatively weaker correlation, microalgae – Spirulina platensis (r = 0.448; p > 0.05) and panchagavya (r = 0.407; p > 0.05). As a result, using biofertilizer in a consortium mode will be an effective strategy for maintaining biomass production in an alkaline environment or in wasteland management.

Keywords: Spirulina platensis; Phyto hormones; Panchagavya; consortium; Vigna radiate; Auxins


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