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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 32, Pages: 1-3

Review Article

A Review: Teaching Methodology in Mathematics


In Tamil Nadu Engineering education has become a fantasy and there are more than 560 engineering colleges and nearly 10 deemed universities offering engineering education. The students joining engineering course has underwent mathematics curriculum for about 12 years. The syllabus of engineering mathematics of 1st year is at par with higher secondary level syllabuses. In spite of this the recent result published in various universities reveals more than 60% failure in engineering mathematics. Astonishingly the creamy layer students joining Anna University also encountered failures in mathematics. This paper aims to look forward the reasons for failures by pareto analysis and also the remedial measures in teaching mathematics a better easy way. The main aim of teaching mathematics in engineering education is to make the engineering to think analytically and solve the problems for their requirements in various fields. Clarity of thought and pursuing assumptions to logical conclusion is central to mathematical enterprise. The main concept of learning mathematics is to approach for problem solving and handling obstruction in spite of many ways of thinking. Our vision in teaching mathematics is 1. Student feel enjoyable with mathematical learning. 2. To remove the fear of failure. 3. To make them to realize the importance of mathematical application in real time applications. 4. To use abstraction to perceive relationship and structure. To understand the basic structure henceforth the applications become easy. On the other hand in today scenario: 1. There is fear among students regarding failure in mathematics. 2. Lack of faculty explanation with real time problems. 3. Curriculum has ups and downs and not in linear trend. 4. Lack of preparation and supporting material in mathematics teaching. 5. Making students to work mechanically (computation) instead of making them to understand the concepts. 6. Systematic problems aggravate the students.
Keywords: Clarity, Concept, Curriculum, Mechanical, Structure


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