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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2018, Volume: 11, Issue: 41, Pages: 1-20

Original Article

A Robust Fault-Tolerant and QoS Centric Routing Protocol for Mobile-WMSNs: FTQ-RPM


Objectives: In this study we developed a routing protocol named Fault-Tolerant QoS Centric Routing Protocol for WMSN (FTQ-RPM) where the classical RPL routing protocol was augmented with mobility features and multiple network condition parameters based parent node selection for forwarding path selection. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Fault-resilient routing protocol for Low power Lossy Networks (LLNs) which is applied in parallel to the link layer that once detecting any link outage initiates node discovery. The use of Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) and Expected Number of Control Packets (ETX) based best parent node selection makes FTQ-RPM to achieve fault-resilient routing decision. In addition, RSSI based mobility management or mobile node positioning makes data communication more reliable than the random mobility. It assures reliable data communication over mobile-RPL based WMSNs. FTQ-RPM applies a global link repair model and supplementary forwarding path selection that works in parallel to the link layer of the native-RPL. It assures timely data delivery through supplementary path without imposing any additional computational overheads, delay and energy exhaustion during any link-outage condition. Findings: The overall developed routing protocols have been examined in terms of throughput, real-time data delivery, packet loss, delay, power consumption, resource utilization etc, where the proposed systems have been found superior than state-of-art existing protocols. Application/Improvements: It affirms the suitability of the proposed routing protocols for real-time WMSNs applications particularly for IoT. 

Keywords: Fault-Tolerant Routing, Low Power Lossy Networks, Mobility, Protocol, Quality of Service, WMSN


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