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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 2, Pages: 101-112

Original Article

A study on non-linear optical properties of Copper Sodium Tartrate single crystal for non-linear optical applications

Received Date:01 September 2021, Accepted Date:20 December 2021, Published Date:15 January 2021


Objectives: To calculate the optical and structural parameters of the copper sodium tartrate (CuNaT) crystal for investigating its usefulness in the non-linear optics, it was analyzed by XRD and optical studies. Methods : A good nonlinear optical CuNaT crystal was grown by silica gel medium. The fundamental factors to prepare the silica gel for the controlled and defect - free growth of the CuNaT crystal are gel pH, gel density and gel setting period. Findings:The non-centro symmetric structure with refined lattice parameters: a = 7.7230 Å, b = 20.2964 Å, c = 7.9896 Å and the required functional groups: O-H, M-O,C-O and C=O bonds of CuNaT were recognized by the XRD and FTIR studies. Novelty: The monoclinic structure and space group P21 of grown CuNaT crystal was non-identical to the orthorhombic structure of the copper tartrate crystal was enabled to identify its novel structure. The NLO competence of the CuNaT was 0.38 times relative to KDP and of higher LDT value than the KDP, provided its novel optical properties. Applications: The strong intensity emission peaks recorded at 297 nm and 380 nm in the photoluminescence spectrum and the lower absorption edge at 334 nm in the UV spectrum of the CuNaT crystal exhibited its potential use in non-linear optics.

Keywords: Single crystal XRD; FTIR; UVVisNIR; PL; SHG; LDT


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