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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 30, Pages: 1-5

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A Survey on Recently Proposed Key Exchange Protocols for Mobile Environment


Background/Objectives: Cryptographic protocols are used for securing information when transmitting it over insecure network such as Internet. This paper’s objective is to study recently proposed key exchange protocols for mobile environment. Methods/Statistical Analysis: In this paper we do a literature survey of recently proposed key exchange protocols for mobile environment. We analyze execution of protocol in three phases i.e. initialization, communication, renewal/ termination phase. In initialization protocol prepares for key exchange process. Next, protocol actually communicates with others to exchange secret key. Third protocol may terminate or renew connection for further communication. We also study activities done by protocols that define characteristics of protocol. Findings: In this paper we find that there are many parameters to consider when designing a key exchange protocols for mobile environment. However, significance of parameters is different, based on the security requirement of application for which protocol is being developed. Strength of a protocol is in the encryption technique that it uses. Hence, stronger encryption techniques results in better security of protocol. Speed of protocol is another important parameter. Length of steps in algorithm of protocol is directly proportional to its speed. A protocol must be able to withstand various attacks on it. A protocol should have high reliability if it is to be used in handling critical data. We found that modern key exchange protocols are not properly analyzed and tested before being proposed. Instead of working on already proposed protocols and solve their vulnerabilities and strengthening them researchers are proposing new protocols without testing them properly for vulnerabilities which are later exploited by malicious users. Applications/Improvements: This research paper will help researchers and protocol designers. It will give them idea about design parameters when designing key exchange protocol. It will enable them to take better decisions.
Keywords: Data Security, Key Agreement, Key Exchange, Key Management, Mobile Communication, Wireless Communication


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