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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2018, Volume: 11, Issue: 21, Pages: 1-9

Original Article

Acoustical Investigation of Adhesion in Liquid Metal/Ceramic Interfaces


Objectives: The principal objective is to define a new acoustical investigation of interfacial adhesion in liquid metal/ceramic systems based on the study of plate acoustical wave propagation in these interfaces. Methods/Statistical Analysis: 1. Sessile drop technique was used to determine the work of adhesion of liquid metal/ceramic systems using the Young-Dupré equation. This procedure based on the recorded images of liquid drops used for measurements of surface tension (γLV) and contact angle (θ). 2. Experimental values of sound velocities (c) have been taken from Blairs. 3. Acoustic impedances have been calculated using the following equation Z = ρc. Findings: The most important results obtained in this study are: 1. Linear correlation between the work of adhesion of liquid metals/ceramic structures and the sound velocity of corresponding liquid metals. 2. The possibility of determining the unknown surface tension as function of sound velocity of liquid metals and vice versa. 3. Strong dependence of the work of adhesion slope parameter for several ceramic materials on the acoustic impedance of the corresponding ceramics. 4. Interpretation of the wave propagation nature in the liquid metal/ceramic interfaces according to the existence and the excess of the interfacial bonding. 5. New approach of the interfacial phenomenon has been given and explain. Application/Improvements: 1. Fabrication of metal-ceramic composite materials. 2. ThermalBarrier Coatings (TBC). 3. Hard TiN coating. 4. Photovoltaic materials. 5. Functional components in microelectronics. 

Keywords: Adhesion, Ceramics, Interfaces, Liquid Metals, Sound Velocity


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