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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2011, Volume: 4, Issue: 4, Pages: 443-446

Original Article

Study on effect of euphorbia coagulum on physico-mechanical and fire retardant properties of polyester-banana fiber composite


Present study is focused on the utilization of coagulum of euphorbia as binder in polyester banana fiber composite. Euphorbia coagulum (dried latex) is rich in resinous mass (60-80%), which are terpenes and polyisoprene (10-20%). Effect of varying percentage of coagulum content on various physico-mechanical and fire properties of polyesterbanana fiber composites has been studied. Since banana fiber is sensitive to water due to presence of polar group, banana composite undergoes delamination and deterioration under humid condition. Alkali treated banana fiber in the polyester banana fiber composite results in improvement in overall mechanical properties and reduction in water absorption. The best physico-mechanical properties have been achieved on replacing 40% of polyester resin by coagulum. An increase of 50% in bending strength, 30% bending modulus and 45% impact strength as well as 68% decrease in water absorption was observed. Incorporation of coagulum in polyester banana fiber composite enhanced limiting oxygen index from 18 to 21% with the reduction of smoke density. The developed composite material can be utilized for the partition board, particle board etc. This study presents the possibility of utilization of renewable materials for environmental friendly composite development as well as to find out alternative feedstock for petroleum products.
Keywords: Euphorbia latex, coagulam, banana fiber, polyester resin, natural binder. 


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