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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2022, Volume: 15, Issue: 22, Pages: 1091-1099

Original Article

An Analytical Study of Powder Plant System

Received Date:10 February 2022, Accepted Date:23 April 2022, Published Date:22 June 2022


Objective: An investigation was carried out for the seasonal functioning of the powder system in a dairy plant. The paper evaluates the reliability measures of the system in two seasons, which is based on the real-life case study of the system. Solutions are presented numerically as well as graphically. Methods: SemiMarkov process and the regenerative point technique have been used for the system analysis wherein the transition and steady-state probabilities are obtained. Findings: Numerical results have been found using MATLAB. Code Blocks, excel have been used for the graphical representation. Expressions for a variety of system effectiveness which include MTSF, long-term availability in two seasons, busy period for repair and maintenance in both the seasons, the expected number of repairs and maintenances, and at last the profit generated by the system. A specific case is considered for graphical analysis. Novelty: In the previous research paper, reliability modeling of the system was done without describing the seasonal effect; in this paper, reliability analysis is carried out of working of the powder system seasonally. The originality of this research lies in its way of calculating the expressions individually with respect to the seasons, giving a better and more accurate view of the system analysis. Applications: The model obtained from this research will benefit the engineers in understanding the systems having similar working conditions; also, the existing model will help in improving system performance in the powder system, attained from the Verka Milk Plant.

Keywords: Powder plant; seasons; semiMarkov process; regenerative point technique; reliability measures


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